Release MC

1.Mc minimal punk Fix und Fertig einmal nur lieben 1980     2.Mc minimal punk Fix und Fertig Mo Ma MU modernemarschmusik 1982 3.MC Wie der Lichte Tag. Minimal punk 1984   ———————————————– 4. Fix und Fertig LP 1986/87 The soft toys animals minimalpunk

Deep feeling Fix und Fertig

deep feeling We danced through the night we are on vacation Walking on the beach and locking for girls The water is warm the sun is shining bright  The people are happy happy people are always happy Holiday is holiday and holiday is everyday Happy people love the month for holiday Feel so free and […]

Hurra Hurra Fix und Fertig

hurra Hurra a normal level is the way you live my name is blue blue blue yes i want forgive all in mad man mad man borders away without a job without without money he’s a supplier but danger in dream about that Jonny and together and there usually general rules expressing expressing deep that […]

Human Voice Fix und Fertig

human voice pain is running inter running fare away devil dances naked astray but it’s  inverse for you and me slange and tips is over dead for me tell me if you could escape the sexton tribunal human human trashure  carbage call escape the human gastly face no limit force this human race gain is […]